What is a Root Canal (Endodontics) ?

A root canal treatment is the series of operations that are done to treat the vein-nerve package (pulp) diseases of the tooth. It covers the cleaning, widening and filling the canals after the vein-nerve package inside the dental root is removed.

Uncured deep decays, cracks on the enamel, trauma of the teeth or abrasion of the teeth for prosthesis may cause infection of the living tissues (pulp) of the tooth. If this infection is not cured, there can be some loss on the gum  and the bone tissue around the tooth, accompanied by strong toothache and swellings. A root canal operation that is done by a professional dentist enables the tooth to remain in the mouth for long years, without the need of extraction.

With local anesthesia, the decays and the fillings on the teeth are removed. After a suitable entry path is prepared in the tooth canals, pulp tissue is removed. The root canal dimensions are calculated with special electronic devices and x-rays; and then they are widened and cleaned. After the root canals are disinfected by special disinfection agents, they are impermeably filled with tissue-friendly materials.

Normally, any dentist is eligible to conduct root canal operation after graduation. The preference is the patients’ and dentists’. The professional Endodontists are self-improved persons in terms of theoretically, practically, and updated approaches and technologies. This enhances the success of the treatment.

Long-term and strong toothache occurring with hot-and-cold sensitivity, ache that wakes in the night, ache during chewing, swellings around the tooth, trauma-caused tooth cracks and coloring problems mostly require root canal operation. However, the ultimate decision is up to the dentist.

Today, due to the advanced anesthesia methods and substances, no pain occurs during the operation.

Due to the modern devices and treatment approaches applied today, root canal operation can be finished in one session.

After the treatment, depending on the level of infection and the level of patient’s pain perception, different pain severities can be experienced by the patient. Painkillers can be applied in this process, with regard to the situation of the patient and the tooth.

The success rate of root canal operation, conducted by Endodontists and finished in one session, is around 90 – 90%. The tooth, after root canal operation, can remain in the mouth for long years after suitably restored (fillings, onlay, metal-supported porcelains).

Extraction of a diseased tooth and replacing it with tooth-implant is not a way of treatment. It is instead compensating the removed tissue with an artificial and tissue-friendly material. Treating the tooth is crucially important to preserve the originality and continuity of the tissues.



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